Understanding Email Verification: Process and Importance



The procedure of email verification helps to confirm that the person receiving the email address is, in fact, the sender. The process involves emailing a code or activation link to an address, which the recipient must click to activate from their mailbox. Keep in mind that “email address verification” and “email verification” are sometimes the same. This is an additional phrase for verifying that an email address is operational, well-formed, and able to receive emails. Have a look at Is this Email a scammer


With both the front end and the back end involved, verification is a more involved process than email validation.

Conversely, validation is usually limited to the front end since it verifies email format, identifies and stops typos (such as instead of, and stops invalid email addresses from being entered into any of your forms. The mailman would validate emails by verifying that the street names and home numbers on each letter are right before leaving.


Email verification is essential since, in the absence of verification, there’s a good chance your correspondence may be ignored. However, a lot of harsh bounces damage the reputation of the sender. Dropping your deliverability due to a bad reputation eventually results in fewer opens, clicks, and conversions. Improved email deliverability and user experience are the main goals of the improvements, along with a decrease in spam.


As you can see, email validation solutions are sometimes referred to as “email verification tools” in certain marketing circles. In the email verification procedure, they carry out the validation step.

After testing a slew of these email verification services and examining user reviews on the internet, Jenny, our email infrastructure specialist, chose the best five products using the following standards:

  • Check MX records and domain names
  • Only one email confirmation
  • Mass verification of emails
  • Grammar check
  • Validation of mail servers
  • Email validation A API
  • Identification of disposable email addresses
  • GDPR adherence: Integrations and Pricing
  • Good evaluations


Our email deliverability specialist Yaroslav advised me to compile a list of some of the finest verification techniques so you may maintain the cleanest possible email list. In particular, you ought to:

  • Integrate real-time API – You can include the majority of the technologies I mentioned above into your website or process. These tools ensure that you collect valid information from each new client by using SMTP, DNS, and syntax checks.
  • Add safety precautions Activation links should have expiration durations to improve the security and integrity of your email verification process and safeguard user and company data.
  • Give consumers clear instructions and feedback at every stage of the process to help them finish it more quickly and enjoy a better experience.


Increasing the quality of your email verification is only one strategy for increasing email deliverability. You can make sure your emails get to the appropriate recipients’ inboxes and maintain their interest by combining them with a powerful email testing solution.